Wondering what the process looks like?

It starts with 3 steps:

1. Initial Health Evaluation

(approx. 90 minutes)

During you first visit we will review your Initial Health Interview, 3 Day Food Journal and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ). All forms must be completed and returned 48 hours in advance of your appointment to allow me preparation time. You will receive an email with forms and an invitation to fill out the NAQ online.

2. Functional Evaluation

(approx. 90 minutes)

On your second visit we will perform a hands-on evaluation to assess organ function. We will also test specific supplements to determine what kind of support you would benefit from. You will receive specific recommendations relating to diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. And we will work together to create a doable plan for moving forward.

3. Follow-up

(approx. 60 minutes)